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I tye one useing about a 6-10 dry fly hook.
green thread

hook: 6-12 2x long dry
body: synthetic hair chartuse
wing: white hair tied parachute split into quarters prob wrong term
hackle:any you got
dubbing:lightly with green(any you got)

I wrap the hook from the last quarter forward very little dubbing middle with the secound quarter. Tie in a hank of hair for wing (parachute with short post and split into two wings). Dub 3rd quarter. Tie a narrow amount of hair to the top (check it to see if it is going to look about the diameter you want in the tail) in front of the dubbling.
Now comes the fun part lay the body hair between the wings and tie downafter the dubbing.
at this point wrap the tread back in a spial to almost the end of the hair BUT not on the hook a couple of wraps at the rear(extended body). Spiral back to the wrap at the end of the dubbing wrap a few and a quick wrap to the wing.
Spint the wing into 4ths wrap to split and form into a dragon fly thread forward tie in hackle and wrap dry style.
whip finish
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