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Since 2002, returns have been low. That was the year we started C&R on adults. Weird. I believe the flood in '96 could have an influence.

Also, what used to be a tradition, ... good returns in mid june to 1 july don't seem to be.

We get "low to average" returns, ... but much later in the season

While we used to have nice adults in June, ... the river seems to be empty until early July. Further, the early (june15) arrivals seem to run straight up to Big Pool in the 5A.

For a few more details, hit my home page,... then the Journal link. I usually post in my Blog a short text our our antics

I wonder if the flood in mid july 1996 could have "flushed" the spawners that were already in the river since mid june and we just lost this segment of the population??
Christopher Chin

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