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How to kill a few hours

I was able to go fishing last night on short notice, so I sped down to the coast and fished an area near the mouth of the Thames River. The tide wasn't quite the way I'd have liked it to be in this spot, but I tried to make lemonade anyway.

Five shcoolies and one small blue cooperated. There were several LDRs and one bite-off by a larger blue. While changing a frayed part of my leader a saw a three foot striper idle by me on the edge of a current seam....she was in no particular hurry, and didn't hang around until I had my fly retied.

Juro's real eel was the ticket last night, and one fish took a black flatwing. This may be the year of the bluefish, because I've never seen them this early in the season in this particular spot. Not that I mind.
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