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the salmon

josko, im not an expert on this subject, but here are my thoughts. if any part of the fishery is degrading, it would the salmon fishery. that doesnt include the steelhead fishery by any means. if anything, the steelhead fishery is on the up. steelhead, being more diverse in there feeding behavior dont rely on forage fish like salmon do. therefore, the forage fish depletion in the lake(due to lower phosphate levels, nutrient absorbing zebra mussels) isnt putting the steelhead fishery in jeopardy. its hard to say what will happen with the future salmon runs, although i hope its just a hurdle that needs to be overcome and not the end to an excellent salmon fishery. either way, i think the steelhead is the fish that will carry this fishery. plenty more to say, but thats enough. dont give up on the salmon. best, mark
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