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I didn't realize the currents were that strong out there! For a moment while I was on the way out I wondered if I was hopelessly heading "out to sea". Early on I had a few hits here and there but no firm hook ups. I should have brought my floating line because I couldn't keep my sinking line well mended in those fast rips. Also, the wind was against me and it really starting blowing strong after the sun came up. There were so many attractive spots off that barrier that I couldn't make up my mind where stop and fish, so I mostly scouted around, casting all over the place. In some spots I thought I could see/hear fish come up and pop at the surface. Lots of attractive water off that bar. At the other end of that barrier there is an incredible bottle neck and a deep hole with eddys/backflows that looks promising. There is also an attractive depression in the center of the barrier that would probably be excellent on the incoming.

See you out there...

Charles Whitehurst
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