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Miami Beach Tarpon?

I was on the phone with my brother yesterday, who just moved to a condo on Miami Beach. He said he is towards the south end of North Miami Beach (NOBE). He is right on the water on the 34th floor, with virtually a birds eye view. As I'm talking to him, he notices a school/pod of about 30, as he described them, BIG fish just off the beach circling very near a swimmer. Which made him laugh b/c the swimmer clearly had no idea he wasn't swimming alone. His guesstimate is that they were in the 48in - 60in range. He said he often sees sharks and dolphins, but that these were different. Not being a fisherman, he didn't know what they were. My guess is that they're tarpon.

Anyone familiar with this area and whether or not it is a tarpon fishery. If so, anyone heard of anyone targeting these big guys on the fly from shore?
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