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Chatham Light

I just wanted to send a message and to let the crew know that I am down here in Chatham for the next two weeks but will not have at home internet conection so I am here at "CyberDocks" computer center in Harwichport and will check in every couple days. Anyway to bad the south rip trip was cancelled but I met up with Dave P. that morning and we when to North Monomoy. I had to leave early (9:45 am) boat. b Caught two short ones from the west side canal. Saw Dave again the next day along with Juro and Craig at the lighthouse but the wind was bad and they headed to the windless side of Morris Island. I went home...drats. Thank you John Marrotta for the picture you took of the 39 incher.. Here's the low down, Juro is right ,It is hit or miss at the light house but as of this morning the bait and birds are still there. I showed up around 5 am but went out at about 5:45 to my usual spot on the last hour of outgoing.... 15th cast or so, hook up with a 35 incher and had to use a fellow flyfishers measuring tape since I forgot mine. Traveled light with out my vest.. shorts and barefoot as usual and the wind was down from the days before,north to north east. Started home..but wait ! , it was only 7 am and fog and overcast,some light rain.I did not want to go home yet. So I move back to the light house but stopped at another favorite spot and on my 3rd or so cast picked up another Keeper and had to measure that one by putting the kept fish alongside it... virtually the same length. I kept that second fish in about one foot of water still hooked to do the measurement then released it. Cut the stomack of the killed fish and once again ALL sand eels..Weigh--24 pounds. The best part is that both were on my 8 wt. 16 pound tippet in fast current. So.. thats the story so far and I will be there every morning ...I think. My phone number is in the book in Chatham... so let me know by calling or just showing up there at the lighthouse and I'll show you both spots.. so it's the fifth keeper of the year at the same locations.. as ernie bock says... "come on down"... just one thing , the entire lighthouse is NOT producing big fish everywhere there.. so I have been lucky to find those two "holes". Thats it for now.
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