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I'd look around at reel seat choices

I'd look around at other manufacturers reel seats as well. Pac-Bay reel seats are on a number of my rods, but there are a bunch of choices out there. I personally think that REC makes some wonderful reel seats that look great. Struble reel seats are also very nice. It seems like the Pac-Bay reel seats are not quite as nice in terms of quality as some of the higher-end reel seats.

For larger rods 8wt and above - I am starting to use Fuji reel seats that you would find on spinning rods. They securely hold the reel and they are very low maintenence - standing up to the salt water very well. They don't look as fancy as the high end reel seats, but the functionality is the same.

There is a site sponser Rod Builders Workshop that you may want to check out for components.

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