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I got to Bill's lodge a day or so after you left ... they were still talking about you ... how is the leg? Was the plane ride hard on you? I hope you caught some fish?

I didn't break anything and caught some fish ... So I guess I only had a GREAT time! I love going the Malbaie River Lodge ... the food, staff, guides are all great ... and the rivers are the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I fished the Grand, York, St. John and Dartmouth rivers and caught fish in 3 of 4.

I fished one day with Bill and hooked a 12 pounder. Bill was trying to land it and slipped on a rock and ended sitting in the river. I could have helped Bill or land the fish ... sorry Bill. Bill got up and finally tailed the salmon.

These fish are the hardest fighting fish I have ever seen. They just don't give up. A couple of jumps and 7-8 runs almost to the backing and it was still fighting went we tailed them.

Lots of fish in the rivers ... The largest one I landed was 18 pounds and was not even close to the largest fish in the pools ... some were 30-35 pounds maybe more.

Bill if the you read this .... Thanks for a great trip!

Bob ... I hope you are doing better.

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