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RE:Chatham light

I will be at the Chatham light tomorrow at about 4:30 am. I hope the bait and birds are still rampant. Then to the Rip rider for the 7 AM trip. If the tide is low, there are two spots to fish... deep holes. where the cows hang out. I was not the only one to get these babes at those spots. After My son caught his fish and mine the next day.. word got out and 15 guys were sitting along the hole at low tide with the bait fishermen scoring. Craig, I will talk to you tomorrow about staying at my place. As I said no problem ,but it would have to be after the family goes back to Boston for space reasons. I usually hve a mini clave in the fall anyway with two or three people but look forward to expand that if people are interested... Put on a fire, watch flyfishing videos and hit the sack early. beats driving down. To Bigcat... thanks, I look forward to see you.. but I see you will not be able to make the South Monomoy trip tomorrow.. maybe I will see you at the lighthouse before. Iam using a Chartruse Clouser ,the same one I always use at the lighthouse. Two years ago I caught a 45 incher which Wally Brown out of Falmouth mounted for me. I will show you guys this fly... It looks like a four inch sand eel ,at least to me and I think the fish think so. Slow jerky retrieve.. I will

be in Chatham for the next two weeks and will be fishing every morning then ether to the rip rider for North Monomoy or to N. Monomoy in my Kayak..
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