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Pete and Juro

Thanks for the input, Pete............good idea, I'll contact you again when I have decided what I'll buy, many thanks.

Juro, I'm not complaining about my outfit, I just wonder whether it might be a little under gunned. The reel is great but the 8 weight xi2 is at the lower end of capable, for the size of fish possible. Next year I'll bring that and another, not sure whether to go up one or two line weights.

I know that you are a devotee of the double handed rods, I regret that I know little or nothing about their appropriateness or ease of casting.

I'll have to read your posts to get a better insight and take the comments further.

A few persons in the UK use them for SWFF but they havent really taken off, YET!

It took me a year, lots of practice and two day long lessons to achieve respectable distances with my single hander (maybe I'm a slow learner!), would the same input be necessary to learn to use the double hander and what increase in distance could I expect. I currently cast a full WF fly line + couple of yards backing, in ideal conditions and a shooting head - a little further.

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