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Nemo...Good incentive and an interesting project!

The reels that you mentioned are spot on...I'm sure others will lend further insight.
Juro, Eddie (a certified Gear Oracle of note) out there?!
Capacity, relatively impervious to salt, and both boast a proper gorilla drag...
Winston...a bit exotic?! Sage, Scott, and affordable TempleFork, to name a few...test drive first and consider customer service and repairability!

If there's no rush, I'd suggest you keep an eye on eBay as there are deals to be had...
Used rods can sometimes sport a minor ding that can compromise structure...snap crackle pop! Quality reels perhaps less of an issue.

Just a thought...
Since I am "forced" to reside full time on the PharSide of the canal, I'd be happy to hold for you any equipment orders until you arrive to properly baptize them!
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