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Just a quick note from the Cascapedia River. Out clients have been fishing the main branch of the Cacscapedia since June 1 and the fishing hasn't been all that bad. We have landed 24 fish as of this morning and their sizes ranged from 15 - 45 lbs. Last season we were at 18 fish for the same timeframe. The water is at a perfect level, though the water is somewhat colored.

We have caught most of our fish on the A and C Sectors and the most productive flies have been the Magog Smelt, the Picasse, the Green Highlander, the Green Pearl and the Black Stone Fly is now starting to work its magic. All of the fish have been taken on #2/0, #3 and #2 flys.

Much to my delight MacGregor Pool has been producing fish for us again this year. The pool had changed alot last year after the flooding, but she is ounce again holding "taking" fish. Two days ago we took a 29 lb and 19 lb fish at MacGregor and there were at least 3-4 other fish jumping in the tail of the pool.

The weather has been pretty crappy as far as temperature and rain is concerned, but the camp only got shut out for two days. I suppose that it could have been worse.

So far today, we have three fish in camp, still waiting for the other guests to come in. We got a 41 lb male at Lower Jam on the A Sector last night.......Boy, I can't wait to get on the river myself and try out my new Bogdan - I must baptize it with a Cascapedia fish.

The guides are seeing more and more fish in the system and more fish are starting to hold in the pools - let's hope that this trend holds.

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