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Originally Posted by marcusjanssen
Thanks everyone. Wilbert, cheers for the hint, that'll save me a bit of time behind the tying vice.

Anyone know of a fly called the 'Mutts Nutts'? (!) Also, nymphs? What patterns, hook sizes etc? Weighted? Bead heads?


Mutts Nuts, is as you say a fly that was "invented" by a welshman, he intends to launch it sometime in the Autumn with articles etc.

I have discovered it is basicly a variation on a sunray shadow.
The dressing appeared to be, a guinea fowl hackle( as in a Garry Dog) a brown fox under wing and a black, goat/ artic fox overwing tied long.

Hype.............just tie on a collie dog the salmon will not notice the difference.

If you want some tied contact Ronald Sutherland in Helmsdale, he has some in his shop.
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