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Since I also don't think the dams on the Columbia or Snake are going to be breached or removed, I agree the smold bypass system Chelan Power has installed would be the best alternative. The benefits to all are impressive: 1) the power companies could generate as much power as they wish; 2) 97% of the smolt will make it through the dams; 3) the PNW residents and businesses will not be hit with a large cost increase; 4) fishermen (sport, tribal, and commercial) would have more fish returning; and 5) it would increase economic output from the combination of more returning fish, high power output from the dams, and reasonalbly priced power available for business. This seems like the best possible solution, a win-win for all.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking on my part to think that the dam owners will voluntarily do this, that the feds will require dam owners to install them, or that the federal courts will order them to be installed. Oh well, I can dream of it happening in the next few years.
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