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RE:CCA One Fly tourney ROCKS!!!

It was my pleasure, Jeff. And there will be plenty of room for you to help organize next year's One Fly, because Pete and I are determined to rest on our laurels for a while.

And you know all that humbug that people always spout after they've done something halfway good? The stuff that always sounds like "well, I think I got more than I gave..."? Well, it's true. I had a hoot.

I basically drove around in my boat all morning having a good time. I stopped long enough to catch a couple of fish where what I was doing worked. I tried a few things that I thought might work under the conditions of the day,which didn't. And I got to show off my home waters [which I in my biased view think are beautiful] to some people who I think appreciated them.

That ain't bad.
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