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RE:Catch & Release Mortality

Juro and the board,

I replied to this thread under a different heading, please check that out.

One thing that I will add (after you read the other post). Is that althought there are a number of people that fish with fly gear - the majority of anglers are still fishing with conventional gear. Taking that into account the figures would seem reasonable to me. As fly fishers we may not be causing as much hooking injury as bait or lures w/treble hooks , but I've seen a few people ff'ing play fish unneccesarily to land them - causing stress as well and perhaps contributing to mortality. Those small schoolies really don't need to be brought on the reel IMO, you can just strip them in.

Juro - I'm only going for the MS degree. I am a little older than the average student, so people sometimes make the connection that I'm going for a PhD. I actually hate school, but my transcripts (length of time) would seem to indicate otherwise.

Sorry for the absence from the board. I need (still do) to focus more on my project and less on the web (it is very distracting and can become addicting - local calls (for internet) $100 for the month. Trying to explain that to my new wife was a little dicey.

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