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8 days, ... Well I hope things go well. I beleive there have been some connections over the last few days.

I'm quite a creature of habit and don't get off of my homewaters often and then, ... I'll usually only jump over the fyord. (we have 4 Salmo salar rivers within 60 minutes of the house )

Fishing pressure is pretty varied from region to region in Quebec.

July long weekend - Rv Ste-Marguerite (overcrowding?)

Some rivers are "crowded", others are empty, depending on species, season, location. Public opinion is shifting in Quebec when it comes to natural resource use. I feel, that the general public is learning that we "enjoy" the resource with out "exploiting" it.

I'm lucky that when I want to chase BIG trout, I have sea runners here or I can grab a "lift" up to the Broadback.

Just a small P.S. too, ... As a part time guide on the river up here, when I furnish flies, there ar barbless hooks for the most part and all singles. The first time the clients sees this, they give afunny look, but I've never had one decline to use barbless singles. Times change
Christopher Chin

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