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(Note: just to keep things on an even keel) I don't work for the Zec, I'm just a simple member that would like to see the river "realize" it's full potential. )

Ya, ... I know what you mean. We discussed the idea for quite a while at the annual gen. meeting for the Zec.

Not quite a C&R clientele here. We went to complete C&R in 2002 when the June numbers of salmon was so low. (in "normal" prime time" we had a couple of spawners arrived.

From then on (and a fine idea, imho), we kept the C&R on adults.

We lost A LOT of clients. (must add that at the same time, the Bardsville site, which offered lodging closed).

We are slowly building back up a "client base". We have sea run trout, so that gives a nice mix of adults, grisle and BIG trout.

We'll see how things pan out in the coming season

Tight lines ...
Christopher Chin
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