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Hello Chris in my honest opinion I think that giving a reward to enhance catch and release is a good idea.I do not think that giving away a farmed fish is a reward perk or bonus whatever.It is almost like an oximoron ,fish farming is doing more damage than good to the stocks with their diseases, sea lice and interbreeding of escaped fish.I read somewhere in one of the posts that it takes 4 lbs.of ocean fish to produce 1 lb. of farmed salmon giving them away just keeps the demand healthy.If they want to give stuff away let it be a couple of flies a decal a pin or some memorabelia even a hat.The cost of these is far less expensive than a farmed salmon .This may even create a small bit of employment for a local. Don't get me wrong I am not attacking the Zec or anybody in fact I applaud them for their work and that is my honest opinion thanks

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