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RE:Can't Take It Anymore - What did I miss at the Monomoy Clave

As I was racing to the camp site Friday afternoon, I was excited with anticipating a weekend of high qualtiy fishing with high quality people who share my love of the sport. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

On Friday afternoon having Randy Jones stop by for a beverage and to share some wisdom on Monomoy was greatly appreciated and only served to fuel my desire to get out fishing. With continued apologies, I bailed on Jay & Diane's dinner to take advantage of my first chance to fish Race Point with Estey bros., Al & Greg O. Lot's of fish, lots of fun, a great group of guys.

Saturday South Monomoy was getting to me as Bigcat (John) Juro & I headed back out on the flats thinking the additional drop in the tide would open up some more water & fish. We were able to wade to the edge of the flat and cast to the drop off with the wind in our face. My karma definitely changed as I was rewarded with an enegergetic just under legal fish.

Satuday night - Skunk. Sunday AM - skunk. Met up with my wife & jkids at the in-law s in Pocasset and was sight casting to 36" fish on the falling tide - skunk but fun.

My thanka to Greg & Mike, Al & Greg O, Jay & Diane, Chuck, Jim, Terry and Mr. Powers for showing up & sneaking silently into camp Sat. evening. I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more time with all of you.

Special thanks to Juro for organizing and Bruce Peters & Randy Jones for being so generous with their advice and Flip Pallot for the hot fly - THE PRINCE OF TIDES!

I should have the photos Weds. evening.

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