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damsel suspender

I love to fish surafce flies in any environment. On my local pond and many warmwater areas I see a lot of damsel flies and back in the 'old country' the nymphs werer a popular pattern for still water trout. I would expect them to be consumed in large quantities and wouldn't hesitate to throw one to a big Carp - just as soon as I get the chance.

This one had done very well for me so far. Here's the pattern:

Hook: Orvis curved nymph hook size 8 (code 1510)
Tail: Olive dyed rabbit fur
Body: Olive dubbing
Rib: Oval gold tinsel
Suspender: Small polystyrene ball encased in nylon mesh stocking. Finished off with a coat of loon hardbody to help endurance.
Hackle: Rootbeer, wound parachute style.

This is a real simple pattern to tie and very easy to cast with lighter lines (4-5wt).
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