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RE:Can't Take It Anymore - What did I miss at the Monomoy Clave

Saturday was tough fishing with winds that were strong but at least on our left shoulder's. Though the group did manage to take a few elsewhere, the fish were NOT up on the flats.

We arrived at about 6:20 AM and made the short walk over to the ocean side to catch the last hour of incoming. We were rewarded with a few decent hookups right away and the sight of seals crashing pods of bait, bass, and blues left and right. A highlight of the day (related to me later around the campfire) was the release of a decent sized blue and the immediate arrival of a very HUNGRY seal. With one furocious slap that blue became seal breakfast! Quite a sight to behold.

Several more fish to 29" by various clavers but then the action died as the tide turned and the group decided to head back to the bay and dredge the channel. The Estey brothers continued on down the coast to fish on and around the southern point. (They did better on the lower end of the tide with 20+ fish between them).

The larger group headed off for less walking and more casting, dredging the channel on the West side. Groups formed and scouting parties covered the expansive flats from the boat drop off to up near the refuge down to the big bend. I witnessed many memorable items during the next six hours: Juro's hooking of a legal size bass 50 feet off the boat drop off, Chuck's crab pattern blitz and subsequent hemostat retrieval show, the wave off micro I finally got, the eel-grass beds at the North point across from the refuge, and - best of all - horny horshoe crabs and their preference for sand colored wading boots (I was violated several times )

The most telling thing we saw throughout Sat. was 10 inch sand eels in the mouths of turns. The big fish were definitely most responsive to bottom dragged deep sandeel patterns. Clousers a little higher also seemed to work.

All in all a great day on the water and another awesome clave! We really are getting good at this. Excellent company and killer camp chow. Gregg, Mike, you two are the greatest. Terry, you're right. We're slobs!

Can't wait for Washburn!!
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