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Find a buddy who already knows how to tie flies and ask them to show you. A couple of my dad's friends showed me how to tie flys when I was a kid. (About 30 years ago.)

There are 2 ways to approach bass fishing with a fly rod. One is with an 8 weight rod and big flies. The other is with a 3 or 4 weight rod and small flies.

I chose to go the lightweight path. Mainly because I thought it would be more fun to catch bass on light tackle than dragging them in on tackle more suited for saltwater than freshwater. I use a 9' 4wt rod with size 8 and 10 streamers. (My favorites at the moment are a Waterman's Silver Outcast and a picket pin. Both will catch bass, sunfish, pickerel, yellow perch, crappies, etc.) I can cast bigger bugs and poppers but it takes some effort and they are not going to go a long way.

Like others have mentioned, try your local shop. Make an effort to find one and develop a relationship with them. They will help you out with gear and may even show you how to tie a fly or two. They will also get you past a lot of possibly expensive mistakes.
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