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I have had success with clousers in the 2-4 range for the smaller guys (under 15-lbs).
Chartreuse/wh, throw some flash in it
Poppers in any color. Strip fast
Crease flies. I made some from thin white sheet foam. I used some Sally Hansen's chrome nail polish to paint the body and gives a nice flash on bright days. You can really make these flies do amazing things with a fly rod (~20-25 feet out, get the fly line out of the water and pull just fast enough that the fly skips across the water. I've seen a small pod of Jacks circle back only to be scared off by the barracuda that wanted the fly even more).
Epoxy flies (in #1 hooks) that has ultra hair body and flash. I let these sink down in the hold then make them struggle back up. Usually flushes a fish out from it's hole in the coral.
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