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RE:Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave

Nice site Juro! Way to go!

I'm glad you brought up the utensil item. People will need to bring their own utensils. I recomend a bowl, plate, fork, spoon, and cup that can handle Mike's killer espresso and our coffee. If you have to choose between a bowl and a plate take the bowl because dinner is chilli. We do have a bag of cheaper paper plates that we will bring as a back-up or as a clean-up time saver for breakfast.

4 is plenty of stoves.

I didn't think about the clean-up part of cooking - no one ever accused me of being a neat freak - so if someone wants to volunteer for those items that would be great. Paper towels, dish soap, scrubber, and trash bags are all needed.

If someone has a cast iron "camping" dutch oven bring it along.

The only munchie volunteer we still need is crackers for the cheeses. Also, don't be shy about brining other stuff to pass around.
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