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RE:C&R Brochure Ideas

I think that if you are targeting the non FF folks as well, the term C+R should be avoided. It has a lot of negative stereotypes in it to the non FF guys. Instead, how about something along the lines of "Proper Release of Undersize Stripers" or "Unhooking your Schoolie"...(with subtitle)"So he will be a keeper tommorrow".
Likewise I would talk about fish handling and time out of the water first, then later barbless. Some people are about "give me barbs or give me death". Soften them up then go for the barbless.

Anything I can do to help with logistics, count me in. I can just picture a stack of pamphlets at Surfland with bold letters "________ ____ _______" Fill in a catchy phrase that's not stand-offish to the bait/plug guys.
Would the CCA get behind it? IF they woudn't I would proceed regardless, it's a great idea. And, let's not count out the internet. How about an internet equivelant of the pamphlet?
Anyway, I have a friend who runs a tackle shop (mostly non-FF) and I could pursuade him I'm sure to put out a stack.

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