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Smile Fly Fishing, how to learn

Al though I've done much fishing, I want to get started on the right foot with Fly Fishing, and I should have posted earlier, but I'm new to this site. Heading for Ixtapa later today. But it will be interesting to read response when I get back.

I have no idea if I have the time or my other interests will over come my learning, but I plan to try.

I have owned a 10 wt rig for a couple of yrs and have practiced some, but not enough, I live on the Texas Coast and seems like the days I picked the wind was blowing a gail, its always windy here. Anyway, I bought a book (lefty's). I have made one attemp in Mazatalan for sails, but it didnt work and quickly figured that was not the place to start, need to walk before I run.

I read in the book about fly line types and I look at my reel and have no clue what kind of line I have and can't remember what they put on it. I look at the book and then go to the tackle places and the guys tell me something different on leaders and etc...............I'll go with the book, but confusing, nothing seems to be consistant. I read the book, but when I try to practice it seems I forget what the book said, kinda like my baseball coach told me, its hard to think hit at the same time.

I have bought some flys, but without looking at the book do not know one from the other. Although I can tell they are different colors............some look really cool...............surely they will catch fish.

I wanted to throw out some of my thoughts.

I think the first thing I need to do is work on my casting so when I tie one of the flies that I have no clue what it is on I might find a dumb fish . Then learn to tie knots so I can tie one of those flies I have not clue what it is on my line. Then find someone smarter than me to tell me what kind of line I have on my reel . Then read the book again.

Thoughts please

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