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hey Alan, try both approaches and see what works for you. In traditional spey casting its common to do both - either reverse (cross-body) or switched grip casting. For me it depends on the specific cast.

Two-handed overhead casting is new to me, so I was practicing last night, in preparation for our trip. I found it easier to maintain the proper rod angle in overhead casting by switching the grip - left hand up. Using the reversed (cross-body) cast with right hand up, it was more difficult to load the rod belgian style (elliptically) on the backcast, and also harder to maintain the rod angled outward on the forward cast. I'm gonna practice a little more, left hand up...

see you in June!

I agree with Juro on the RIO lines. At the Sandy Clave (Oregon), the RIO lines seemed a tad heavy for their rating. Just a heads-up for those dropping ducats - if possible, try before you buy to get the correct match.
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