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Ever hear..

The Old Salts around Montauk telling tales of trolling 3 White feathers on a hook using a 2oz drail weight. If them FA's were that smart and could see that well dont ya think they would see a huge fin shaped weight getting dragged @ 3knts?

Im convinced its not rocket science. Although the Hook and Material supply companies may have you thinking otherwise.

Matter of fact I didnt use Flouro last year at all! I used 15lb Maxima Clear. Why spend $20 bucks on a small spool of Seagar when ya can get 4 Spools of Maxima and have $3 bucks left over for a Coke.

I have 10's of thousands of $$ tied up in gear, materials and Boats. I manage to hit quite a few fish throughout the season and no matter how fancy or transparent or non glare or whatever the latest greatest trend is I almost always find myself fishing Decievers, Clousers or my SandEeel immitation. They account for 90% of all my fish.

It all boils down to the following 3 things: Location, Presentation and Luck.
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