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Fred -

Not sure what the mix-up is but Sean Ransom had one at last weekend's opener and I was very impressed with it for the Surf-tamer, in fact it was amazing. I wouldn't' give up just yet, you just might have a change of heart when you try it.

However I can't say enough about the new Rio lines... I have tested the 10wt Int on the 9/10 Atlantis and LOVE it. In fact from the second cast on I was tight to fish so I never did make it back to the truck to get the other line to try on the Surf-Tamer (11wt and 12wt fast-sinking Outbound). The 10wt outbound is a great match for the All-arounder, although I might like the 9wt even better when I get to try it based on my general preference for a lighter line I can drive crisply using loop dynamics rather than weight.

The 11wt Intermediate was not available for testing yet but I think that's the one that is going to rock on the Surf-tamer. I have an 11wt sinker that is next on the testing block.

The 12wt was a touch heavy casting in a field but good for big flies or those who like a more positive load from grains rather than loop tension. I prefer the latter. The 12wts are not too heavy for the Surftamer but what I mean to say is that the 11wt might be crisper and ligher yet still assertive to cast.

I also tried the 12wt fast sink and that line has a definite role in the arsenal... fast rips and huge flies beyond the imagination are lofted like feathers to the backing knot, it's definitely fly fishing at a higher level.

Again, I really think the 11wt (judged relative to the 12wt) is going to be the ticket but let's not jump to conclusions until we try them first hand.

These new lines are really a revolutionary (or at least evolutionary) advance, not just hype. It's a significant improvement when a short head can be cast well over 100ft without losing it's shape, and these lines are just what the two-handed angler needed to rule the beach with a fly.

It's an exciting time for two-handed overhead fishing in the evolution of fly gear, no doubt about that thanks to our sponsors and innovators at Airflo and Rio.

It's not an easy thing to bring new products like these to market and I know we are used to big company response times but if I might offer some advice a little patience will go a long way here as both companies are about to deliver on a long-awaited need - lines that absolutely ROCK on the two-handed overhead rod made to suit the beach angler.
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