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My 2 cents

I spend alot of time during the Fall chasing them and have found that the hook doesn't make a difference. Size does sometimes but not all the time. I experimented the last few years and found that even though Albies are feeding on rainbait and they seem to ignore your best offering try throwing a 2/0 or 3/0 Pearl or Gold color Creasefly. For some reason they hit that but will steer clear of the best Anchovie immy you have.

A guide friend of mine showed me a trick up in Watchill one day. I was throwing everything from Size 4 up to Size 1/0 at the fish. They were everywhere ... I mean all around the boat. It would have been easier whacking them on the head than trying to get them to eat. The bait was small.. maybe around 1.5 inches. My closest match was a #6 Tan and White deciever ( very sparse ) w / gold flash. The match was pretty damn close. Once in a while I get a looker ... most of the time they didnt even notice it. Me and him were discussing my dilemma when he said " watch this " . He put on a 5 inch 3/4 ounce Green and Silver Gaggs Pencil Popper and proceeded to hook and land fish after fish! By this time I was ready to stick that Gaggs where the sun didnt shine.

His point was that color or size didnt matter as much as we all like to think. He advised me to put on a ratty popper or a crease fly. It worked !! not as well as that Gaggs on a spinning set up but I got alot of lookers and a few hook ups.

My personal thoughts is that presentation plays the biggest part in success. Ive caught Albies using BIG cruddy flies that I honestly would be embarassed to show anyone. Not only where they much bigger than any bait around they where bright colored and should have scared the fish as well as anyone near enough to see what I was using. The success came by varying my presentations. The best presentation I have founs so far is dead drift with an occassional twitch and a painfully slow retrieve.

Just my thoughts
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