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Atlantis & Rio Outbound Intergrated Shooting Line

I spoke with Simon G. at Rio on Monday about the new Rio Outbounder lines. Simon stated you has some pre-release lines for testing. Please give us your impressions on the 12wt (510gr) and 11wt(475gr) lines for the 11wt and 9/10wt Atlantis rods.

My understanding is the new Rio lines are 38ft heads in type F, I, T3, T6 and T8. Presently ready for release June 6, 2006 and will be made initially in 6wt - 12wt with 13 & 14 wt in the future.

I have given up on AirFlo lines for the Atlantis, we have been promised "next week" from Tim since last November and they are still N.A., I will go with the Rio lines for my CND 11ft rods.

Fred Krow
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