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Kewl! The new lines from Airflo and Rio kick things up a notch as well.

With a cross-wind you can either reach across or go left-hand up. This is the same for spey casting as overhead 2hand.

with a little practice you will be bombing good casts

make the backcast smooth, horizontal and straight 180 from target

reach back a little in-line with the cast at the end of the backcast but don't let the rod tip drop (don't raise the bottom hand)

coming forward, pull the butt forward a bit at first then make a strong final *abrupt* snap locking the arms in a slightly upward position to send the line sharply forward

my top hand (right hand) is held back-handed to target for the cross-body cast

I like to practice left-up whenever possible, it really teaches the mind a thing or two about getting it right on strong side and cross-body (also called reverse) casts.

we'll put the reverse cast into a video clip and post it
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