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Atlantis and wind

This is sort of a bump-up on the earlier wind discussion. After reading more than I could stand about the Atlantis last summer, I picked one up in September....and then promptly also bought the all-arounder 9/10 and started selling off a couple of my single handers! Yeah, I'm a complete convert.

But...I'm still definitely learning on these, and so here's my question. What's the best approach with a 2 hander when you have a sideshore wind on your casting shoulder? I admit I've been cheating often and doing the turn-around, sometimes just singlehanded... ....which is unsatisfying and clearly not the best way to go with a 2H.

So, is it best to angle the rod and just cast off of your other shoulder? Tried this for the first time this week, and found it awkward, but could see the potential, so I'll stick with it if this is the right way to go. Anyway, all advice appreciated. and thanks Juro and others for a really useful website.
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