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RE:Burlingame Cabins open April 15th

It's been one long winter, but the season is upon us!

The sandwiches are bought, the cooler packed, the leaders checked, the flies tied. The car is gassed, the wife is kissed, the kid has been promissed (and some day he will come with me), my palms are wet, my throat dry, I doubt I'll sleep much tonight. I have the will, I have the skill, I have friends who can swim and the mortgage is paid. I have a brand new Redington rod that's never seen a striper and despite my somewhat flabby mid section I feel I could fish non-stop until Monday morning. And now all I need is for the next eight hours to pass quickly.

All are welcome to share in the antics. We'll be forming a game plan on the drive down, but West Wall is definitely on the dance card.

JimO, sorry our schedules didn't jibe up. Will we see you at the Bass River Spring Clave?
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