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"What would Jesus Drive" campain.

An interesting article on the internet this morning on "creation Care" which is a new movement begining to take place in the Evengelical world. It it asserts that Christians are stewards of Gods creations. There is strong oppostition to it in the truely conservative Evengelical section including the Bush administration and the very conservative US senators like Inhoff of Oklahoma. But I think it's a positive step and hope the movement gains ground.

A couple months ago while visiting my daughters ranch in Wyoming I got to see some of this new movevement first hand. Many very conservative ranchers who are very born again were fed up with where land rights issues had gone. They once believed that they had every right to do as they pleased with their land. But watching other land owners subdivide ranches into disasters and watching the Oil and Gas companies come on to their property and render the land useless to cattle ranching by putting up hundreds of gas wells that pollute with poison gas and polluted water tables they have had enough. Small grass root groups are popping up all through the conservative high desert rocky mountain west and those joining such groups are not left wing liberals but those that just a few years ago would have voiced the opinion that "God gave me the right to do what ever I want with my property."

Maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel in the environmental movement yet.
Sorry this address does not work anymore but was in the msnbc US news section for 5/23/05.
The link for the Evangelical Environmental Network is:
The mission statement link at the top of the page is interesting.