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RE:Brewster Flats/Billingsgate 7/3


A few questions about launching out of Sesuit. Is it tidal? Is it public/pay/permit? Is it easy to get to? What is the ramp like? (you know I'm not the most skilled guy at the ramp!).

I'd really like to fish that area. A few weeks ago Al_D & I took the families to the point of Sandy Neck. We launched out of Sandwich Basin. In the glassy calm early morning it only took about 30 minutes to get there, but in the afternoon when the chop picked up it took about 50 minutes to get back. Also, the Basin Launch is great in the early AM, but after 2:00 PM it's a real ZOO with people pulling out.

It was my first time out that way & I concure with Bill that it looks incredibly fishy. Huge mile long san bars that drop 10' in two paces. Schools of bait fish that look like beige clouds. Even on our family outing we managed a few twinkies right off the spit.
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