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Brewster Flats/Billingsgate 7/3

Had the opportunity to take a road trip with the boat since I pulled it from the slip for maintenance this weekend. Called Juro and he accepted an invitation to meet me in Sesuit Harbor.
We started by heading over to Paines Creek about an hour before low slack to see a massive flat exposed by the minus tides. We explored some of the outer structure and decided out best bet would be to come back when there was a bit more water and the sun was higher to sight fish.
A quick trip over to Billingsgate to fish the northern edge at a spot I've worked previously was rewarded with some very strong-willed mid 20" fish on virtually every drift. Start in 14 - 15' and let the wind carry us to the 10' shelf, get the fly down as deep as possible and shock-stop or twitch it and the pickups were hard and running. Couldn't find a Billingsgate 40"er to come to the fly but there were fine fish and it was great to adapt flyrodding techniques to an area that has a history of trolling and dragging serious hardware. Next trip I'll try the shallow waters closer to the islands.
Watched to clock and at about 9:00 we slipped back to paines to find about half of the flats flooded, the holes and trenches showing great promise and a fair number of shore fishermen planning on using thier 'yaks or canoes to safely get them off the flats. (BTW: Can't overstate the issue of safety out here. It was easy to see how people get trapped on the rising tide given the height of the rise 10-11' and the distance needed to travel. Imagine Monomoy's west flats witha 10' tide...)
We floated over a skinney bar to be greeted immediatly by cruising shadows scattering at that magic 20' distance from the boat. Proceeded to do these long drifts 1/4 - 1/2 mile over sholes, bars and holes where you'd cast to spots that looked likely and then twitch the fly as slowly as possible as it swung behind the boat with the drift.
Lot's of fish cruising through these massive pods of sand eels often so thick that they'd shadow the water. A very enjoyable way to flats fish. Juro had a cow come cruising to the surface, 25' off the transom with a whale-like mouthful of sand eels but most of the fish seen and/or caught were in the low 20" size but we were hearing the song of the drag more often than not as these fish showed all the spunk of their larger cousins.
About an hour before high the action dropped off noticably, and we spent the next two hours cruising as far west as barnstable looking for some moving water and active fish.
The fly of the day was Juro's deep sand eel. Very effective in both locations.
A fine Bayside morning to be sure. Always a pleasure to fish with you Juro, you have the passion that treats every fish with respect.
"Double Happiness" signing off....
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