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RE:Brewster Flats Hot

I think I showed Nate this but to get to the outer spit you must cross further west toward the actual Paine's Creek mouth. Both Quivett and Paine's spits curve semi-circular to the east like the top halves of letter "C"'s although the inside area of Paine's is much more filled in than Quivett and offers a straight-away crossing point from Saint's Landing.

My point is the top of the "C" is cut by the trench at Paine's, and the spit is the end of the curved bar cut by the trench. To cross it, you need to go far enough west so that there is a blanket of purple algae on the flat, "up-river" from the stream of outgoing flow a significant distance from the hole.

Sunday was an exception, you could probably cross very close to the first cove because the low tide was a minus -1.9 on the bay. In general it is not wise to be out on the outer spit unless (a) you have a extreme low and (b) you are willing to commit 100% to departure when the tide stops running out. At that point if you want to fish part of the incoming, it's possible to make the earliest possible crossing back to the bar directly south of the hole and catch the fish arriving on the flood tide. Also work the high bar back straight and southerly to the shoreline as the water comes in. You end up on the beach a ways off from Paine's BUT you will not be drowned.

Whatever you do, don't wander around off the high points of bars that are contiguous to shore. Extreme low tides mean extreme high tides and the tempted become the trapped in a heartbeat.

I've guided my share of wade trips on Brewster Flats and can bear witness to the perils it imposes on the foolhardy. My advice to you is <b>don't fish the incoming at all without a boat.</b>

With a boat, it's the very best time!
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