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Q: is the rod to stiff ? to were it is not loading right ? or is it to soft to were it over loads and the cast fails ? or are you haveing a problem pulling the line off the water. because you are use to a floating main line and a sink tip ?

A: (1) if the rod is to stiff i would try a heavyer tip
(2)if it to soft maybe a lighter tip
(3) if you are haveing a problem pulling line of the water wich will make the cast fail . try a water haul
(4) you may want to look at line with a floating body and a sinking tip from now on. people have trouble pulling full sinking lines off the water wich could make the cast fail
(5) another test you could do is ask around and see wich friends have a a 250, 350 and 400 sink tip lines to see if this helps load the rod better.

(6)another thing to consider is test casting rods before you buy them to see if they will handle what you want them to

hope that helped good luck and screaming drags to you all stonefly1013.........
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