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I have been salt water fly fishing with a SOT for about ten years. I say "with" because I usually do not fish out of the kayak. I use the kayak to paddle to a flat or a point. Then I tie a leash around my waist or beach the kayak and start sight fishing or fishing whatever the situation presents. Sometimes the water is deep and I fish from the kayak. I do this maybe 30% of the time. Particularly in the fall when blue fish are busting. (I still have not gotten use to trying to unhook a blue fish while sitting on a sit on top kayak when a few minutes earlier the blue fish has jumped three feet in the air and is now looking at my lap). The rest of the time (70%) I get off my kayak. The beauty of a SOT is that you can get on and off quite easily even with waders on. Often I paddle in the kayak to find fish. Then I get out and start fly casting. I can't count the times that I have "found" fish by trolling a fly while going to a destination. Its great exercize and you see a whole new world below you and around you. enjoy the paddle.

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