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RE:Brewster Flats

Forecast calls for a nor'easter - windy, chilly and heavy rain; highs in the mid-fifties with wind 15-25 mph and gusts exceeding 35 mph. Hands may not be able to hold a comfortable temperature without gloves due to the combination of wind and downpours, especially during off hours. Stormy nor'easter winds will make casting hard for mortals like me and may push the water against the shore in ways one might not expect.

Low tide ~9am with -1.4; that part's OK. Maybe the horrendous weather will push the plankton and bait into the shoreline and cause all kinds of carnage at our feet?

Many things to consider, but the biggest concern with inclement weather out on the flats is lightning. It doesn't help to be waving a graphite wand 3/4 mile from shore when you're the tallest thing standing in the water. This type of cold front is not likely to bring lightning so we're OK there.

It'll be a fleece and raingear kind of day; granny fingers and water trickling down the front of the shirt. Marshside's hash and eggs or french toast will be really good afterwards.

Good safety measure but I don't think you'll get anywhere with a float tube in those conditions if you try to get around in it. At least the wind will blow you inshore instead of out to sea.

Ideal thing to do is choose another day... but what the heck, I'll be there ~3 hours before the low if I can manage to sneak away. I'll be in the Paine's Lot and will hope to cross to the outer bar to put the wind off my casting shoulder. Green Toyota pickup, no guarantee I can make it but it's a pretty good possibility.
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