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Just a little story on the same thread, ...

I came down the trail on one of my favourite runs a few years ago. A pile of lunch garbage was on the trail. (Even though there is a trash can 50 yrds up toward the pull-out.)

As I was there thursday and there was no mess and I was the first there on saturday, at lunch, I asked the warden who had fished there on friday.

I found out that there was only on angler there all day. No tourists stop there either.

I had collected all the stuff (including a used leader) so I mailed it to him.

BTW, I did the same thing the time I found a nice reel on the beach at the #38.

I figured, if they had lost it or "forgotten" to pack it out, they would like to get it back.

I had put my home adress and number on the mailing sticker ... Funny, no one ever contacted me.
Christopher Chin
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