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So what do you say to people when you catch them leaving their garbage on the bank. Itís the same whether itís toilet paper, a cigaret butt, a candy wrapper, or lunch sack, or 50 yds of monofilament all in a tangle.

Do you keep your mouth shut, or do you give them hell.

An old friend used to say ďI donít get mad, I just use it for effectĒ

I remember once floating up to a boat ramp where three bait fisherman were camped on the ramp in their lawn chairs with lines planted to the bottom of the river. They had a nice fire some garbage and a pile of dead suckers. I had a little trouble getting them to move but they got the idea when I started backing my boat trailer down the ramp. I went back later and found that they had left the garbage and the suckers for someone else to clean up and a fire for someone else to put out.

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