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small dime size crab

Maybe not the thing you are looking for but i thougt i'd post it anyway, you'll might get some ideas..

Tied on a Tiemco 811S size 8 hook.
Legs are made of flexi-floss (of course i couldn't find the right coulour)
Eyes are burned mono, some white sparkle flash for the mouthpiece
Body is made of a material they refer to as furry foam, but without the foam back
I used some coloured epoxy to hold it all together, you could of course glue another patch of this furry stuff together.

I used some epoxy otherwise the crab could float hookpoint down..still real easy to let the crab land softly on the surface.

You can also use some wool to make the body, just like the merkin-carb. of my favorite patterns....the velcro crab , bring some markers and find the right colour for your crab...

hopefully usefull in some way.

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