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Boston Harbor 6/2

Had the pleasure of spending the morning with SpringRun clavemiester TerryW on Boston harbor waters today. We had bait working in the first light right from the dock and by the time we hit West Gut there were fish breaking over a 1/2sq mile area. We started quick, hitting fish with a variety of flies and then in spite of being being surrounded, we couldn't buy a hit. Could not come up with a good match for the situation. The fish started breaking up once the commuter boats started their routes and we headed to Deer Island rip.
There was a nice rip line set back from the 6'-20' shelf and Terry dropped a white slider at the edge of the rip, strip twice and he was on to a nice 24 - 25" fish.
Our next stop was under large gulls working out beyond Boston Light. There were signs of large fish working the deep water ledges typical of that section of the outer harbor. We worked hard to find these widely spaced fish but were rewarded with nice fish in the upper 20's that hit HARD!
We finished by stalking the exposed ledges of Calf and Little Calf to find pollack hitting Terrys pollack pattern and the occasional striper holding tight to the rocky walls.
All and all, we had a great morning typical of the great fishing that Boston has to offer.
Terry, thanks for your great company and enthusiasm.
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