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Ooooooooooo K!

Good evening,
Outdoor Latrine Manners while Fishing. I spend alot of time in the backcountry and this is a regular part of my trips, just like clock work baby!. But you are right Natrix this is a problem I run into as well. Thats the great thing about a resource like the Fly Fishing Forum. You can use it as a tool of learning!
In my research I found that the standard is to keep aprox. 75' to 100' from any trail or living space, and that includes River / Lake frontage, then DIG and BURY!!! I understand that while fishing, the urge can happen out of the blue without much notice, but a bit of preperation can help. I bring along a few paper napkins in my vest, and always scope out my "Options" on the way to the water. This keeps the situation very low key. Napkins do the trick and decopmpose rather well under normal conditions. Everything goes into the hole and gets covered! Simple, ya?
Some would bring there "Home" ways into the wild, they just need these subtle hints to bring them around to the right way, I mean all the other animals do it and its not an issue.
Anyone else want to tackle this one? Huh?

And I remain........ Wiped!!!
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