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Ethics and Etiquette

This spring I was walking along the bank of the Salmon R. in near Callis Idaho. I was above the river about 50 feet or so, so I could see down into the brush by the side of the river. As I walked past I could see this guy putting his waders back on, he had just returned from a crap in the brush. What he had left behind was the toilet paper. It wasnít in just a little pile, it was all over the place like up in the brush and within 20 feet of the river. I see this allot, its like some kind of territorial defecation ritual or something. All the likely spots are generally decorated with several applications of toilet paper. Fortunately this is usually less frequent as you get further from the road, but I notice that as more and more people get further and further out the tel-tale sings of human impact follow. The ethics and etiquette of this for me are clear. Trashing the place is basically a thoughtless act. It bespeaks ignorance, and an attitude of contempt.

So what do you do when you witness something that goes against the grain of what you believe is
ethical or contrary to your chosen etiquette.

Most of the time I just donít say anything because how it comes out is an expression of my disgust and anger, and as I have learned from past encounters it usually dosnt go well.

So from a life time of poorly chosen words, and miss placed anger, my experience tells me that nobody listens when what you have to say comes out as an insult or as condescending. At times nice dosnt work either. How do you treat people with respect and educate them at the same time when your mad as hell.

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