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Don't be overly concerned about the type of finish on a hook. We are lead to believe that fifty pound stripers get to be 50 lbs. because of their intelligents. Bull! They get that big because most of us don't know how to present a bait correctly at the deep depths they feed at. That's how they survive from being caught and that's why live lining eels is so effective. I't just a matter of finding the bottom. Try doing that with trolling techniques or fly fishing. Takes a lot of boating experience when you have to factor boat headway, current, wind, and bottom contours. Many big stripers do go after lures with 6/0 trebles completely exposed. Go Figure! What's important with fly presentation is how the hook and weight of the hook effect the motion, sinking and action of the fly.

Yes there are days when albies might shy away from bright hooks, but those days are few. You can design flys to incorporate and accent the silver of a hook shank by using it as lateral lines. You can also conceal a hook by material or use a darker finish to blend into the environment. What ever the choice both will work. Yes at some times it may seem important but it doesn't happen enough to bother me. How do I know if they are shying away from a hook or not? Most likely it's some other reason like presentation or fly pattern. Don't know for sure because I'm not down there. Any doubts, Hit it with a Sharpy marker and have fun.

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